Vinod Joseph, author of Hitchhiker and my good friend, has honored me with a Brillante Weblog 2008 award. Thank you Vinod! You’ve been encouraging me a lot with your comments on my songs.

Also check out Vinod’s blog to read his short stories, book reviews, travelogues etc.

Now as per the rules, I have to honor 7 people with this award and here goes a list of 6:

Pradip Somasundaran – For he is an excellent singer and music blogger who keeps challenging himself with every new song post.

Slogan Murugan – The copywriter who captures Bangalore everyday with his camera.

Ujjwala – Artblog-ger. An amazingly talented artist.

Madhukar Shukla – Reading his blog has helped me see things from an alternate perspective.

Nita – Her blog posts are always insightful.

Thulasi – The guy who digs extra ordinary shots from ordinary life.