Khan and Kher

I bought a couple of DVDs last week among which there was Apna Asmaan and Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Maara. And I am so happy to have watched these two movies, not because of it’s craft (both has many flaws which could have been avoided to make them better) but for two finest actors of Hindi cinema. Two fine actors – Anupam Kher and Irfan Khan – who needs a big applause for their controlled and realistic acting skills.

Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin MaaraIn Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Maara, directed by Jhanu Barua, Anupam Khers portrays a retired Hindi professor who has Alzheimers. Well, it is not clear whether it is Alzheimers or Schizophrenia because he shows signs of these two. He is a man of principles and passionate about literature. Now, the talent of Mr. Kher shows when he transforms from the normal stage to the dementia stage. This change is so subtle and Kher carefully handles the character without overdoing it. The scenes like when he begins to get upset are also showcasing his wonderful skill at mastering the character. There are Rajit Kapoor (another talented actor who has nothing much to do in this film) and Urmila Matondkar (who does a good job) but it is an all-Anupam-Kher movie.

The movie could have been done better though. Instead of saving the mystery behind the trauma of Professor Chaudhry for the climax scene, director choose to reveal it halfway through the movie. I wish if the director had saved it for the climax court scene, because that would give it a good twist at the end and make this movie beautiful.

Apna AasmaanApna Aasmaan is another Taare Zameen Par, but with a different situation, less tears and with lots of loose ends in the script. What saves this movie is the amazing performance of Irfan Khan. I haven’t watched any other movies of Irfan Khan, but this one makes me want to watch more of his films.

So go ahead, get the DVDs of these two movies. Watch it, not for the movie, but for two amazing actors and their wonderful performances.

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