The Butler’s Story

I have often wondered what stories would those who silent witnesses of history have to say. Imagine what kind of history would unfold if they had begun to speak. Here is an article from Washington Post which writes about a Butler who served for 34 years in the White House.

First lady Nancy Reagan came looking for him in the kitchen one day. She wanted to remind him about the upcoming dinner for West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. He told her he was well ahead in the planning and had already picked out the china. But she told him he would not be working that night.

“She said, ‘You and Helene are coming to the state dinner as guests of President Reagan and myself.’ I’m telling you! I believe I’m the only butler to get invited to a state dinner.”

Husbands and wives don’t sit together at these events, and Helene was nervous about trying to make small talk with world leaders. “And my son says, ‘Mama, just talk about your high school. They won’t know the difference.’ [ A Butler Well Served by This Election – Washington Post ]

But all were not that good as the article explains in itself. Read on…

(Link via email from Krish)