An appeal from ViBGYOR

I have written about ViBGYOR Film Festival in this blog before. ViBGYOR International Film Festival in Thrissur, Kerala, India and its associated activities have, in the last 3 years, become a significant alternative space for issue based non-feature films and a meeting place for filmmakers, social movements, activists and the student community. It is today among the biggest documentary film festivals in the country.

As they are now in the preparations for the 4th Edition of ViBGYOR Festival, scheduled from February4-8th in Thrissur, they are approaching us with this Appeal hoping that we would extend support, no matter small or big, short term or long term.


As with any people led initiative, ViBGYOR film festival has been facing severe financial crisis. In spite of support from local groups, activists and partner organizations, the local organizers of the festival have incurred a cumulative loss of approximately rupees Seven lakhs over the past 3 years. One of the reasons is that the festival does not accept any corporate funding and has received little support from Government departments and public trusts. Major expenses incurred have been for travel, hire of equipment, halls, publications and accommodation and food for filmmakers and activists who attend the annual event.

We appeal to our friends and well-wishers (Organizations/Institutions as well) to join the ViBGYOR Film Fraternity and thus support this alternative film festival, so that we can address the current financial crisis and also plan for the future. There are several ways to become part of the ViBGYOR Film Fraternity:

1. Contribute Rs. 10, 000 ($ 300 for people outside India) and become a Patron Member of ViBGYOR Film Fraternity
2. Contribute Rs. 5, 000 ($ 150 for people outside India) and become an Associate Member of ViBGYOR Film Fraternity
3. Contribute Rs. 100 a month or Rs. 1000/- as one time payment and be a Member of the ViBGYOR Support Group
4. Contribute any amount as a support gesture

Contributors to the ViBGYOR Fund, apart from becoming eligible for different types of Memberships, will be listed on our website and in publications like the ViBGYOR Souvenir, the monthly News Letter and the upcoming Festival Book. They will be entitled to one Guest Pass entry to ViBGYOR Annual Film Festival and associated activities. An e-group will link all friends and supporters of ViBGYOR, with monthly updates on ViBGYOR events and concerns.

We hope to collect at least rupees 10 lakhs towards the deficit in the past and for the activities we have planned for the next three years. If you are interested in supporting this initiative, please write a DD/cheque to `ViBGYOR Film Collective’ payable at Thrissur and mail it to the address below. Or you may directly transfer the money to the ViBGYOR Collective account (a/c number: 110533, Catholic Syrian Bank, Thrissur Town Branch). Please intimate us and provide us with your postal address so that we can send you the receipt.

ViBGYOR Film Festival Office
Chetana, Kalliath Square, Palace Road
Thrissur: 680 020, Kerala, INDIA
Tel: +91-487-2330830/0-9447000830,