Thoughts on The Pianist

I watched the movie “The Pianist” today for the 3rd or 4th time. I love war movies and when I say that people think it is because I like violence. But I like war movies because they show the the effect of violence in the human life. It teaches me to cherish the life that I have as it is and reminds me how important it is to support the causes of oppressed and downtrodden people and voice for them.

A couple of thoughts passed my mind when I watched The Pianist again today. There are many scenes (and remember the movie is based on a true-life account) in this movie where individuals are left with no choice but to save/help themselves and ignore the others in the process. That makes me think, can we really help anyone but ourselves in the extreme situations? I mean, the really extreme situations. If not, then what is this so called thing “morale” mean to us? What is our morality based on?

(Image source: Wikipedia)