‘I love my Pedali’

The graffiti inside the toilets in our trains usually have vulgar language and/or sexual graphics. In India, the public toilet is the kind of place where people get to release their closeted sexual perversion or desires through graffiti. But never in the recent post have I seen any message of love in such places. And on last Sunday I saw a very peculiar message of love, on the walls of toilet in the Mangalore-Trivandrum express train, while I was on my way to Trivandrum from my hometown Thrissur.

“I love my Pedali” – that was written all over the four walls of the toilet in that train. In different ways. Now those who are used to the wall graffiti in India may not find that interesting enough, but what captured my interest is the name “Pedali“. The word “Pedali” in Malayalam means the side of the neck. So I wonder, who would be so much self-obsessed with his Pedali that he took the effort of filling in the toilet space with his love for his Pedali? 🙂 Or is there actually a name called Pedali? Anyways, this guy/gal really really loves his pedali! 😀

Pedali, he really loves you! He even has a rose for his pedali!

He loves you pedali! He really loves you darling!