Blogswara in Malayalam Vaarika

Blogswara has been featured in this year’s annual edition of Malayalam Vaarika, a popular literary weekly in Malayalam by the Indian Express group. In an article about New Media and it’s advantages, B S Biminith has drawn out the possibilities of new media in detail. He has written about Blogswara and original music production in the blogging world. I would like to quote some of the interesting (and valid) points he made in the article. Pardon any translation errors:

There are many people among us who compose and broadcast their songs through blogs. These music blogging efforts cannot be observed as a time pass art. Such popular trends may not please the traditionalists, but it doesn’t walk in the ways of popular music that is targeted at the market. When the concepts like Blogswara become active, it will re-write the very idea of popular music.

Since the current popular music is a market-oriented process they push their music through advertisements and the music programmes in various audio and visual media. But the groups like Blogswara are totally different from this. They don’t have to run after the trends because they don’t have any commercial interests. Also there are many opportunities to accept, reject or suggest changes, as there are no other influential barriers existing between the audience and musicians. In that way, such public platforms provide all the ingredients to form the real popular music. We can also observe that such platforms, which could become a threat to the stardom of the current music scene, as a chance for people from around the world who have musical interests to step to the public on their own. That is how this decentralized model of music challenges the traditionalism.

For those who can read Malayalam, click on the image below to read a portion of the article:

Malayalam Vaarika - Annual Edition