Walk the Talk, Sir ji!

When I wrote a blog post titled “The WTF advertisements“, I never thought that I would have to make an immediate follow-up post. But the advertising world these days gives us so much to write about. Look at the latest ad campaign by Idea Cellular called “Walk When You Talk“. This ad campaign was done by Lowe for Idea Cellular.

Abhishek Bachan, who appears with a fresh look compared to the old and dull one, dons the role of a medical doctor in this new advertisement. He then encourages people to walk while they talk on their cell phones because……. (hold your breath) it will keep them fit!! I couldn’t believe it but then I thought that it was made to seem funny. Then comes the news about this advt campaign from the Idea Cellular team:

According to  Pradeep Shrivastava, Chief Marketing Officer, IDEA Cellular “IDEA brand campaigns have always celebrated Champion Ideas which have the power to change the society and the way we live. This time, the Champion Idea is around ‘Walking & Talking’ for staying fit.” [Via]

I don’t know whom the “brains” in the Idea Cellular or ad agency Lowe consulted before making such a stupid claim, but let us see what some health studies have said about this.

Science Daily:

ScienceDaily (Mar. 8, 2009) — Cell phones are a danger on the road in more ways than one.  Two new studies show that talking on the phone while traveling, whether you’re driving or on foot, is increasing both pedestrian deaths and those of drivers and passengers, and recommend crackdowns on cell use by both pedestrians and drivers. (more…)

Fox News (Health section):

“our results suggest that just as drivers should limit cell phone use while driving, pedestrians — and especially child pedestrians — should limit cell phone use while crossing streets.” (more…)

The Idea chief had said that they have always celebrated Ideas which have the power to change the society. At least Walk the Talk, Sir ji!