To the pissed-offs

Recently I posted this comment in Facebook about the news that the BJP led Karnataka state government has banned cow slaughter. In India, fanatics of various religions always give us something to write about.

So the comment was this and it seems that some people got pissed off by it:

Holy Cow! It’s official now. You can’t eat beef in the BJP ruling Karnataka state anymore. The new-age Vegetarian converts, mostly consisting of people who took on Vegetarianism as part of Brahminical Elitism and who have already declared a ‘food casteism’, can now thrive upon this news. And BJP is silently forcing their communal agenda on the people of Karnatak state. Not that it surprises me.

And I wanted to say a couple of things to those who have been pissed off by my comment and pouring their anger on me throughout facebook. The pity is that they don’t even have the guts to quote my name in those pissed-off comments and make strange references.

So to them,

  • I do not hide my views and opinion under the rug, like you.
  • I do not think silence would help the cause of peace.
  • I do not think everybody who keeps silence on issues is a person who stands for harmony.
  • I think learning, thinking and writing/talking about is the first step towards changing something.
  • I do see your selective response on selected issues/comments. Do not think I am an idiot who cannot see your closet fundamentalism.
  • I do not have to express myself for “publicity”. I have had my fair share of media presence, even though I’ve never asked for it.
  • If I cared about popularity and publicity, I would just resort to singing in my blog, saying beautiful things that the public would agree upon, like you.
  • I will not trade my commonsense for your acquaintance. I already have a solid set of friends who understands me.

Now that I said all of these, I guess they can still get pissed off. 🙂