“Harisree” from Mashithantu

The good folks at Mashithantu.com have come up with a new initiative after their successful ventures of online Malayalam-English dictionary and Malayalam crosswords. The new project is called “Harisree” and their tag-line is “ente bhaasha, adutha thalamurayilekku” (meaning, “My language, to the next generation”). The website teaches you how to write Malayalam. You can just pick up a letter in Malayalam and see how it is written, with the direction points. And when you have chosen a letter, it will show up words that starts with the letter with pictures to demonstrate/represent what the word actually means. If you click on the “Pronounce” button, you can also hear how each letter and the related words are pronounced. And then there is a drawing pad using which you can try writing the letter or word.

I think this is a very useful software especially when you teach children of the now or next generation. And it has some very cool features like I explained above. My congratulations to Joju John and his friends who have worked behind this software. Great job folks! Looking forward to what you have next in line. 🙂

Click here to visit Harisree.