Mohanlal as a typical Malayali

The only thing you need to do to understand how Mohan Lal represents a typical Malayali is to simply look at the brands or industries he endorse through advertisements. Here is a reference. Have a look. 🙂

1) At first, Mohan Lal asks us to buy gold from Malabar Gold, saying that we need an ‘eternal golden touch‘ to our precious moments in life. This represents the common Malayali obsession for gold.

2) Then he goes on to ask “why keep gold in your house when you can cash it?” and advises to take gold loans from Manappuram Gold Loan. That’s what a typical ordinary Malayali does. Spend so much on luxuries and when he goes out of cash, get his wife’s/kid’s gold ornaments to take gold loan to spend it for further luxuries.

3) When gold and money go away, Mohan Lal asks us “what’s up this evening?” and gets us to drink Original Choice to forget everything. A typical Malayali finds solace (or gives that as a reason or his drinking habit) in liquor.

There is only one more advt that Mohan Lal needs to do to complete this Malayali representation. An agarbathi ad. He could just show the ‘son’ in the Manappuram Gold Loan ad being not able to take his gold back and runs out of cash by paying interest and decides to hang himself. When the ‘son’s’ dead body is laid down the agarbathi could be shown next to the deadbody with a tagline “everybody has got a reason to pray“!