Back to school

There is this small convent school just to the back of our house where all of us in our family went to from 1st to 4th standard. Those were the days when people had so many kids at home and could not afford to send them out to fancy schools with a fee. Those who could afford the fees and an English medium school sent their children to another flashy convent school near by. This little lower primary school of ours is called Pope John L. P. School (in Kuriachira, Thrissur) and even though it is in the next street, I have never gone back there ever since I was 10. I went there as I had a chance yesterday and it brought back some old memories.

The school has not produced any famous people that I know of (but certainly some good people), but there is one journalist who works with Mathrubhumi Weekly who was my batch mate back then. The building and even the class rooms remain the same way as it was 20 years back except for some ceiling fans which seems to be a new thing.  I heard that the school now has very few children and like in the old days almost all of them are from poor families in the area.

(All photos shot with my Sony Ericsson P1i)

A quote from Albert Einstein is written on a blackboard that says the power of thought is more valuable than the power of intellect (I don’t really get that though).

A class room frozen in time. Only the wall paint has changed.

A small chapel to the end of the main corridor.

That is a blackboard but what you see in there is not a map.

Lessons of math written on wooden desk. 🙂

First lessons of art, again on a desk.

First lessons of love.

A peek from the corridor.