Baliyaay Thirumunpil (Christian Devotional)

Many years ago, a Christian devotional album had completely changed the way people heard the Christian devotional songs. It brought in writers like Chittoor Gopi, poet ONV Kuruppu etc and singers like Yesuda, Chitra, M G Sreekumar, Unnimenon, Minmini and Sujatha. The album, though initially was not well received by tradionalists who said ‘it sounds like film songs’, was a big hit. It’s first song “Rakshakaa” sung by Yesudas shot to fame and was sung in stages regardless of religions. To put an example, that song was the equivalent of “paLLikettu shabarimalakku” if you talk about popularity. The composer of the album is Tomin J Thachankary, who is the Inspector General of Police in Kerala now (by the way, Thachankary is now infamous for his alleged terrorist links).

Another album followed, which was titled “Thiruvachanam”. More filmi singers and more poets followed in this one too and it became yet another hit. The song I am posting today is from this album. It’s a beautiful song and has beautiful lyrics. On this weekend that Christians celebrate as the Holy Weekend, I would like to post this song and I wish all my readers and listeners a happy and peaceful Easter. Remember the magical message that Easter gives – hope.

Song: Baliyaay thirumunpil
Album: Thirivachanam
Lyricist: P.K.Gopi
Music: Tomin J Thachangari IPS
Original singer: Yesudas
Covered by: Joseph Thomas (Jo)

Download “Baliyaay Thirumunpil” cover MP3 here (5.1 MB)