Good riddance, 2012!

Every new year brings with it the hope of doing something new or going to back to doing something you have been doing and the hope for a better life. But 2012 was not a great year at all. One good thing from 2012 was to see some friends and fellow Blogswaraites debuting in the mainstream music industry. More power to them and music.

There has been so much negativity all around the last year. Blame it on the system, government, people, media or yourself/myself. There were ‘movements’ that didn’t move anything at all. From Hazare through Ramdev to others. Short-sighted people with vested interests banking upon sentiments of the common man and the common man happily playing into the hands of them gave them both the obvious results. Media however benefited largely from these circuses.

Seeing all this, I feel I should shut down the computer, go off the Twitter/Facebook radar and listen to music, eyes and ears shut to the outer world. But how long? This moment or the other, this very system, people, government or media is going to grab me at my feet and toss me away. One can never escape from his environment.

So here is to hoping for a better year or the years to come in both personal and social life. Happy New Year everyone.

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