Malayali House – more ‘reality’ in the house!

Malayali House

It is a ‘reality show’ everywhere. In sports, music, on stage, television and many a times in life too. People initially had thought that many of these shows would be for real but later some of them have realized that it could be all cooked-up. But that did not turn them away from watching the made-up reality of the reality shows.

Many of my friends who were mad about cricket had told me that they lost interest in watching the game when the match-fixing controversy erupted. But they kept on watching and enjoying the game even though they were unsure that they could be watching a pre-fixed game. Look at the reality music shows scene in television. The drama that was inherent in these shows have made people doubt the reality element in it, but they still loved it for the entertainment it provided. Even many of the music stage shows are just a ‘show’. Lip-syncing is a common practice and even the popular singers do it and that too after being caught by audience on several stages.

So basically people love reality shows. Although, they often ridicule it, blame it or anything. They love the entertainment and the gossip material that these shows give them (particularly the television reality shows). And they celebrate it – those who know and don’t know if it is cooked-up. But it wouldn’t be exciting to them if you told them beforehand that it was made-up. Then the gossip element, the talk that could be built around the show would be missing. That would make a serious effect on the entertainment element of the show and the TRP. The television channels know it, so they keep boasting on how ‘real’ their show is and we happily accept it.

But you can’t stretch these shows beyond it’s limits. People would get bored after some time. That is why new ways of reality television have been invented. So when people of Keralam got bored of music reality shows, television channels brought out comedy reality shows. When the audience got bored of that, they now bring the regional copy of Big Brother or Big Boss. And thus was born “Malayali House”, a reality show in Surya TV.

This is probably Surya TV’s best attempt to claim the first place off Asianet in Malayalam television scene and they have brought in all the right people to do it. The line-up of participants include some people who were fading out in the public and some who are publicity-hungry. It is a mixture of people who could not make it big consistently and others who want to make it big and some who just want to keep being in the limelight. The controversies, debates and discussions have already begun in the social media about the show which should make Surya TV and the participants happy. The audience should be happy too, as they are already fed up with the reality music/comedy shows in Malayalam television channel and needs some more drama from a ‘reality’ show. And now the show is adding up more spice to the episodes.

It is wholesome entertainment. And to think of it as an opportunity to watch the everyday life of some people adds more spice to it. And Surya TV markets it promptly that way with their tagline – “your license to ogle”. Long live reality television!

13 thoughts on “Malayali House – more ‘reality’ in the house!”

  1. Have you heard of “kayfabrication”?
    Your blog post reminded me about this short essay by Eric Weinstein on
    Your cricket analogy was superb but reality TV is really fascinating in that people have known almost from its inception that it is manufactured entertainment and yet remain loyal fans. The good old Roman “bread and circuses.”
    “kayfabe is a dish best served client side.” Indeed. :)
    P.S: Malayalee House looks and sounds like awesomely melodramatic, pulpy fun. ;)

  2. I just watched about half an hour of Youtube clips on this idi0tic program (never watched it on TV). That was enough for me to understand where Malayalam TV programs – and ‘REAL’ reality shows in particular – are heading. I do not think that Malayali family audience are prepared enough to accept the so-called ‘broadminded’ Malayalis on showcase there. While I don’t want to comment on some third grade serial & movie actors and models participating in it just for money, I was surprised to see the ‘buddhijeevis’ like Rahul Easwar and GS Pradeep talkng dirty like ‘chantha piller’. Aattin tholitta chennaykkal! I am sure both these people will lose their career as discussion panelist or reverse quiz expert after their money making effort via this cra*p. And as for Revathy, shame on her to accept the offer to anchor such a program!

    I won’t be surprised if Asianet and MM start airing even worse reality shows because nothing sells like controversy and se*x related topics.

  3. Rahul aa Rosin nte purake nadakkunnathu nallathalla. Ithoru verum friendship aanennu enikku thonnunnilla, athinu support cheyyan Snehayum. Paavam aa Deepa ithokke kandu kondalle irikkunnathu.

  4. i never watched a TV program like this …its soooooo worst … GS prdeep , Chithra .. how U became a part of this .. in our mind u guys had a image … we never thought that u all can come this level …. govt. has to take action against this f…k ing program……..

  5. thinkal
    is not suit for kerala culture.kerala people know gs and rahul very
    well. they have theirown identities.kerala ladies will dress well and
    will respect the gents

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