Leave Michael Jackson alone

I think it is total injustice being done to the genius of Michael Jackson with these posthumous releases like, the latest one, “XscapE”. It should be completely left to an artist like MJ to decide which songs should go off the studio and which should be kept in the shelves. No one else – not the label, or the estate, or the Jackson 5 – has the right (and talent) to take those records, which he didn’t intend to release, and publish without his consent, without his plan. Particularly with an artist like MJ who was a perfectionist.

It is indeed sad that MJ couldn’t bid a proper good-bye and his last, “Invincible”, was a skeleton of Michael’s genius (I consider ‘HIStory’ to be his best work with ‘Dangerous’ coming to a close second) but publishing these remixed songs, particularly with a crappy video like they have done for the song “Love Never Felt So Good” (remember all those good old MJ videos?) is plain insult.