Year end notes

I never really believed in the cliche that hard work pays off. I always thought that only people who are lucky enough and people who play with strategies get their due or undue share. But 2016 proved me partially wrong. It has been hectic, but it paid me well. From the time I did menial jobs – from a bakery salesman who earned Rs. 12 a day, to an office boy to a mechanic to a goldsmith – to where I stand this year, life has been so kind to me. Compared to last year, I end this year with a positive note, with so much hope for the future.

Throughout my life, I’ve been fortunate to have people who would help/guide/mentor me at times of crises and 2016 was yet another example of that. I’m fortunate to have genuine friends across the world – for I’m sure that no matter which part of the world I am in, there would be someone who would be kind enough to help or guide me. 2016 reinstates my belief that you would still find goodness in this world, even in the corporate world. That there still are honest people who value hard work and integrity.

Life is a constant struggle though. Your challenge is to maintain your integrity, humility and positivism (while you maintain your pessimism in a limited quantity – I believe a limited amount of pessimism is a must for one to survive in the current ways of the world) among all the pretentious, discouraging, demotivating people around you.

Let me end this year on that note. That regardless of all the negativity that surrounds you, keep working hard. At work, in relationships and in life in general – hard work gives you a good ROI even at the brink of depression. Happy 2017 to all of you, dear friends.