Learning hard truth the fun way

When I started music blogging, I got too excited about the concept and started posting songs almost everyday. The prospects of reaching out to a wider world from my house in this southern tip of India and receiving welcoming comments had totally got me excited. Then came collaborations and I sang anything and everything that I felt like singing. But now when I hear the songs again, I see a lot of scope for improvement in each of them (this is not the humility that already successful people show-off, by the way; just pure realization of my mediocrity). I think my latter recordings are way better than the old ones.

So there was this one song cover I did with Anup Nandialath, a wonderful guitarist whom I first met in the online world and then in the real world. This was Hotel California cover (Yes, I hear your “How-dare-you”s πŸ˜‰ ). Needless to say, apart from the beautiful guitars that Anup played, my voice and style did not do justice to the song at all. When I moved my song cover MP3s to 4shared, I kept it in there. I hadn’t really looked at the song statistics since then but today I was just checking 4shared and I saw 14,981 downloads!

I was like – whaaaaat! This song was downloaded 14,981 times?! But then I realized that the poor souls who downloaded the song did so by falling for the song name and there was no indication that it was a song cover. I made it sure by going through the comments. While there are four “Thank You”s (yeah, LOL!), one guy wrote “thank you for screwing up Eagles“. Then there was another guy who really made me delete the file from there right away. πŸ˜€ It goes like this:

WTF is singing this? :p You raped the song bro. I wanted the eagles song, i got a crow singing. Deleted, looking for the real song again, thanks for wasting my time. Do us all a favor and don’t upload the songs you sing yourself, nobody cares. you scared my dog.

I couldn’t help laughing out aloud on this. πŸ˜€ No, I did not really mean to scare him or his dog so I deleted the file instantly. Now I am going to check all the other songs and going to delete anything such as this that might have scared people away. πŸ˜€ And this also makes me realize one thing. One should know what he can do best and stick on to it (though I believe there is no harm in trying though!). πŸ˜‰

And interestingly, one comment says “F*** Israel” just about 15 days ago and another person nodding “Yeah!” to that comment just 5 days ago. Do I really sound like an Israeli?!

Kabhi Shashi, Kabhi Game

Now that Modi’s links with IPL team owners of Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab have emerged, the whole IPL controversy is getting more interesting, wide and ugly. I think there is enough material to make a movie out of the whole story. There is glamor, big money and beautiful women involved. What more do you need to make a good story line for a Bollywood movie?

So here is announcing the movie (title suggested by @rameshnair):


Kabhi Shashi, Kabhi Game
The story of an interlocutor and his friends


The movie will have two versions. In South India, Shashi is the hero and Modi is the villain. Up in the North, it is Modi in the lead and Shashi, the villain. Sreesanth will play the role of a crouching tiger in both the versions. Make up and costumes will be handled by Ms. Pushkar.

In the North Indian climax, the other Modi, Modi N, will be seen protecting Modi L and finally securing an IPL team for Ahmedabad and Shashi will be seen being left alone with a beautician in the Chala market in Thiruvananthapuram, looking for land with cheap prices to build IT parks.

In the South Indian climax, Shashi will win over Modi L, securing an IPL team for Kochi and building a cricket stadium near the Smart City project area. Modi L will be seen being left aloneΒ  with a South African model and sniffing 5 grams of Cocaine.

Part of the profits made from the movie will go to Mr. Modi and Twitter. We are looking for prospective producers for the movie, so do start bidding. And yes, multiple stake holders who are family members, friends and acquaintances of yours are welcomed.

Man eats 68 “dogs” in 10 minutes!

Don’t believe it? Check out the front page of today’s Deshabhimani newspaper (click on the image below to see the full and enlarged version). It says a man ate 68 dogs in a competition organized in America as part of the independence day. And the second prize winner ate the flesh of 64.5 dogs. If you are just stunned at how a person could eat 68 “dogs” in just 10 minutes, check out this link.


As the Malayalam saying goes, “kaala pettu ennu kekkumbum kayar edukkaruthu“…

‘I love my Pedali’

The graffiti inside the toilets in our trains usually have vulgar language and/or sexual graphics. In India, the public toilet is the kind of place where people get to release their closeted sexual perversion or desires through graffiti. But never in the recent post have I seen any message of love in such places. And on last Sunday I saw a very peculiar message of love, on the walls of toilet in the Mangalore-Trivandrum express train, while I was on my way to Trivandrum from my hometown Thrissur.

“I love my Pedali” – that was written all over the four walls of the toilet in that train. In different ways. Now those who are used to the wall graffiti in India may not find that interesting enough, but what captured my interest is the name “Pedali“. The word “Pedali” in Malayalam means the side of the neck. So I wonder, who would be so much self-obsessed with his Pedali that he took the effort of filling in the toilet space with his love for his Pedali? πŸ™‚ Or is there actually a name called Pedali? Anyways, this guy/gal really really loves his pedali! πŸ˜€

Pedali, he really loves you! He even has a rose for his pedali!

He loves you pedali! He really loves you darling!

What happens in the News Room

A video is doing the rounds in You Tube showing the funny moments from Asianet news room. The person in the video is a popular news reader of Asianet News channel (Malayalam) who hosts the show News Hour. He usually appears so serious, but now check out his funny side. πŸ™‚

(Thanks to Karthik & Jyothish for the link)

BeerCamp Kerala!

It has come to our attention that there are so many events happening in our state which is totally misleading us, the Kudiyans (drunkards) of Kerala. One such event is called BarCamp Kerala which took place just some weeks back. We, the kudiyans of Kerala, were totally misguided by the name of the event and were dissappointed to find that the BarCamp had nothing to do with a Bar at all! We had even gone there with a handful of pickle and onion expecting that they would have a couple of pegs for us. But instead we found a group of young people discussing some weird topics. WTF!!

Enough is enough we say! So we have teamed up to come up with the first ever BeerCamp Kerala!! YESH PEEPPLES!!! The official BeerCamp Kerala is to happen in Chalakudy (where the liquor sales break it’s own record on every single festive season in the whole of Kerala) and the dates are to be announced soon. You will get lots of free beer and all you have to do is to bring up a stainless steel glass from your kitchen.

Adding to the free beer, we will also be having an un-derwear-conferene where all of us will be discussing the ways of effective drinking. The following sessions will be there, taken by some eminent personalities from Kerala:

vaaLu vekkal (vomitting) as an art form – by kanaal Vaasu
How to drink a full bottle with one piece of onion – spirit Mathaayi
Idiot’s guide to get rid of hang over – kavutta Mammathu

So what are you waiting for? Get your a$$es out of those sewers! Confirm your attendence now!!

See you at BeerCamp Kerala! Baar Salaam!!

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

…that is one of the top 10 cheesiest pick up lines found in a survey.

In the latest survey of more than 400 people worldwide, the cheesiest chat-up lines have been revealed along with the celebrities most likely to say them. The participants reckoned that humour was the best way of chatting somebody up with over 50 per cent of those surveyed saying comedy lines work best on them, such as “Do you have any raisins? How about a date?” and “Are you Jamaican, because you’re Jamaican me crazy” among the most popular. [The Top 10 cheesiest pick up lines revealed]

Okay, let me contribute something to this. How about this: “Are those pearls rolling on the ground, or is it just you saying something?” πŸ˜€