Avant Garde Bloggies Awards 2009

Like in the last year, Poonam and team are coming up with the Avant Garde Bloggies Awards for 2009. As she says in her blog, – “Avant Garde Bloggies awards aim to recognise the best posts from your blog. It is an award competition where your entries are voted and judged by fellow, expert bloggers. It is a competition to recognise your blog. And as always, its meant to be fun and healthy.

So rush your entries now! Check out Poonam’s blog for more details.

Desicritics V-Day contest

My Valentines Day special song was an entry to the Desicritics V-Day contest. The results have been announced and I got an honorable mention. Thanks to DC and Templestark for his kind words. This is what he had to say:

Honorable mentions:

Joseph Thomas (Jo) for a song – yes a song!!! (Valentine Day’s Song – Let Them Sleep – that he arranged and sung himself. Top effort. It’s not quite my speed of music but inspiration clearly hit him right between the ventricles.

Avant Garde Bloggies Awards

Avant Garde Bloggies Awards is an initiative by Poonam Sharma & her friends to recognize some of the best posts of the Blogosphere. The winners have just been announced in Poonam‘s blog, and there are some very interesting posts out there. I had the privilege of being one of the judges for the Music category. Check out the list of winners and go through the winner blog posts. Congrats to Poonam for taking efforts to carry out this initiative successfully and to all the winners and participants.


Vinod Joseph, author of Hitchhiker and my good friend, has honored me with a Brillante Weblog 2008 award. Thank you Vinod! You’ve been encouraging me a lot with your comments on my songs.

Also check out Vinod’s blog to read his short stories, book reviews, travelogues etc.

Now as per the rules, I have to honor 7 people with this award and here goes a list of 6:

Pradip Somasundaran – For he is an excellent singer and music blogger who keeps challenging himself with every new song post.

Slogan Murugan – The copywriter who captures Bangalore everyday with his camera.

Ujjwala – Artblog-ger. An amazingly talented artist.

Madhukar Shukla – Reading his blog has helped me see things from an alternate perspective.

Nita – Her blog posts are always insightful.

Thulasi – The guy who digs extra ordinary shots from ordinary life.