Blogswara Version 8 – inviting entries!

Blogswara is inviting entries for the 8th online album. Those who are interested may leave a comment in our blog and go through the process page. Even though I was contemplating the relevance of Blogswara among an increased number of platforms available to musicians, I have been convinced that still a lot of people are looking forward to Blogswara to showcase their original work. So the journey started way back in 2006 is still going strong after six years and now on to the eighth album! Welcome aboard.

Trunk Call – song teasers posted!

Trunk CallWe are so happy to post the song teasers from Trunk Call, the upcoming Blogswara album! Trunk Call is the first of it’s kind in the history of Blogswara as the album has a central theme of bi-lingual songs which brings in the flavors of different languages and music genres into each song.

Contrary to the previous albums of Blogswara (earlier, Blogswara let itself to be the platform for ready-to-publish songs so people could send in what they had ready at hand), we had asked the song teams to work on a central theme that required each song to have a minimum of two languages. The theme stands close to the very basic principle of Blogswara, which is to unite people from different places using music as the medium to communicate. Even though we had received 19 song teams announcing their participation, only 6 song teams had submitted the songs out of which only 4 could make it to the final list. So we thank all the 4 song teams who took an extra effort to create new songs based on the given theme.

So here it comes, the song teasers from the upcoming album. Listen, share and show some love! 🙂 The new album will go live online (need I say that the entire album is free to listen and download?) on January 1st, 2012. So stay tuned for the full versions!

Blogswara’s 6th album – Scheduled for March 1

It is time for another version of Blogswara! Yes, it is Blogswara’s Sixth album!! We have posted the song teasers in our website, so hop over there to listen to the song previews.

We have 14 songs this year and in four languages – Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil & Telugu (introducing Telugu for the first time in Blogswara) many new talented people being introduced through Blogswara..

So watch out for 1st of March for the grand release of Blogswara Version 6. And do spread the word around!

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Blogswara V5 released!

Here comes that moment of the year again where we all get to listen to the songs of Blogswara! Blogswara’s version 5 has been released today at 12 AM IST in our website – There are 14 songs in total for this album which includes songs in 4 langauges – Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi and Kannada – and instrumental music. Go to our website, listen to the songs and let the song teams know your feedback. And also if you like the songs, please do spread the word through your blogs and emails. By the way, I have sung two songs – Azhaithathu Yaaro (with Sindhuja) and Etho Oru Pookkaalam. Listen to both and let me know your comments. 🙂

I would like to thank each and everyone from the song teams who have worked hard to make this happen. You guys keep the spirit of Blogswara going on! Also thanks to our moderators panel who have been instrumental in the songs selection process. I want to specially thank Nandu Mahadevan for taking time to master all the songs through his busy work schedules and Jyothis E for taking care of the hosting of our songs and for promptly responding at the crucial times. Thank you both!! And to Connexionz and Don who have been helping us with the website hosting from the very beginning.

For those who don’t know about Blogswara yet, here is an introduction given below:

Blogswara ( is an internet music community which acts as a common platform for musicians (a majority of whom are amateurs) to showcase their talent before the world by producing original music and share it over the internet. It is also a free-music movement where visitors/listeners can listen and download the mp3 files free of cost. So far we have released 4 internet albums and Blogswara Version 5 is scheduled to be released by the year end. The songs are in multiple languages and so far we have had songs in Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and Hindi. People from abroad have also shown interest in Blogswara. There is an American musician, who plays Sitar, will be working for this year’s album.

Blogswara proves that people, wherever they are or whatever languages they speak, can come together for a cause – here the cause being music. And the digital age has made it easy for them to meet each other and collaborate. Many of the individual musicians who have appeared in Blogswara have not seen each other in the real world but they are still able to collaborate. Human spirit is what drives Blogswara. Like the Blogswara tagline (United in Music) says here people unite in music.


Blogswara Version 5 is coming up!

It is time for another version of Blogswara! Yes, it is Blogswara’s fifth album!! We have posted the song teasers in our website, so hop over there to listen to the 20 seconds long song previews.

We have 14 songs this year and in four languages – Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada (the first Kannada song of Blogswara) – and also some great instrumental music pieces. All by some of the people who have participated in Blogswara’s previous versions and many new faces.

So watch out for 12th December 2008, which is only one week away from now, for the grand release of Blogswara Version 5. And do spread the word around!


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