Malayala Manorama news blooper

From the house of Malayala Manorama comes the biggest Malayalam print media blooper of the year. One of their news titles today says that united nations chief has condemned (അപലപിച്ചു) the death of U. S. Ambassador Holbrooke, when it should have been mourned (അനുശോചിച്ചു). And it’s repeated in the article portion. Funny thing is that even after 14 hours, they still haven’t bothered to correct the mistake. So much so to Malayala Manorama who would run after finding a Malayali connection even to the UN chief.

(Thanks to my friend Pradeep for the tip)

Malayala Manorama, get well soon!

Malayala Manorama and Manorama Online continues to have their false claim (that Manorama Podcast is the first of its kind in Malayalam) in the Manorama Podcast page. Regardless of the emails that I and other Malayalam bloggers have sent to Manorama Online content editor Santhosh George Jacob, he and his team at Manorama Online fails to understand what a podcast is. They cling on to the same statement that their podcast is the first podcast in Malayalam which is completely wrong and cannot be proved. The funny thing is that they do not even follow the basic standards defined for a podcast (to offer subscription feeds) yet they claim their podcast is the first in Malayalam.

All I can do at this moment is to wish Mr. Santhosh George Jacob and his team at Manorama online, Get Well Soon!

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