The Sharma Psyche

I’m appalled by the parole conditions of Manu Sharma, the killer of Jessica Lal. The parole conditions say that Sharma is not allowed to go to any night clubs or discotheques. Why only night clubs and discotheques? Is it because the murder of Jessica Lal had happened in a night club and going to a similar place would make him repeat the crime (earlier he had been to a night club during the parole)? Or in other words, is it to be understood that it is the place – not the man, his criminal mindset and his influential family – that lead to commit the murder? Suppose there is a serial killer whose first killing takes place in an abandoned building, so if we stop him from entering such a building afterwards, would he never commit a murder again?

Somebody please tell me how the killer psyche works. There must be a reason why Manu Sharma is granted parole with the condition of being not allowed to go to a night club or a discotheque. Or is there one?