New website for Audio India


Hello! We have a new home for Audio India, a directory of music bloggers from India. Check out the new website at with many new features which makes Audio India a one-stop-shop for all music blogging listeners. Also please update your feeds accordingly. (for posts) (for comments)

A little bit of history for those of you who are new to Audio India:

The idea of a complete directory website for Indian music blogging community was suggested by a regular listener of music blogs from India. He said that he didn’t want to go and check every music blog to see if they have got any new updates. Neither did he want to subscribe to all those RSS feeds just to know if there has been any update. That is how Audio India, a music blog to track all updates from music blogs was born, in 2006.

Music blogging was started in early 2005 in India. Since then, the community has grown up from a handful of music bloggers to almost a hundred music bloggers. The first version of this music blog was hosted in Blogger and the new version is a WordPress hosted site with many new features which makes it a one-stop-shop for all music blogging listeners.

New Features:

  • Rating for posts: Now you can rate a music post and the top rated posts will be shown in the side bar. This will help to encourage music bloggers to continue treating you with their songs as well as to improve themselves.
  • Discussion Forums – Discuss anything and everything about music blogging – ask/share where you get the karaoke tracks from, the glitches of home recording, recording tips – whatever you need to discuss about music blogging.
  • Song Requests – You can use this page to request a music blogger to sing your favorite song (however it is the music blogger’s discretion whether to consider or reject the request)
  • Tips & Tutorials – Some great tips and tutorials from the people who have been music blogging since a long time. This will help those of you who want to know what kind of effort goes on behind every music blog post.

That’s all for now. Browse through our pages and let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement. Also don’t forget to subscribe to the Audio India feed.

Music of Lal Meri

I got hooked to this band and their songs for the past few days. The band is Lal Meri, a fusion band with a Trance/Lounge touch. Listen to their songs at Lal Meri’s website or in their MySpace page. My most favorite tracks from the album are Dreams of 18, Sweet Love & Mausam. There is also a remix track of the Hindi song Oh Lal Meri. Their lead singer Nancy Kaye has got an addictive voice that will leave you in a trance by just listening to their songs.

And now here is the video of one of the tracks – Dreams of 18. Grab a copy of Lal meri if you can, even if it’s for the above mentioned 3 songs.