Arikathaayaaro (cover)

Phew! It’s been a long time since I have posted some music here. As much as I love music, I have to admit that I am getting sick of posting karaokes. I just don’t feel much enthusiasm that I had during the initial days of music blogging to do the karaokes. I feel like a ghost of someone else when I do karaokes. People have a tendency to compare your version with the original regardless of how much you try to put your own signature to the song. And that makes me sick. I don’t want to be a ghost anymore. And that might perhaps mark the end of my online singing pretty soon if I don’t get to do the originals. (Yes, I still want do an album of myself with the original songs, composed and sung by myself, but I don’t have a producer yet). But still, the karaoke singing at least helps me keep up with music – singing – because otherwise I don’t seriously sing anything, so this is sort of a practice medium.

The song of the day is from the Malayalam movie Bodyguard, composed by my favorite music director Ouseppachan and sung by Ranjith. This is a pretty tough song that challenges the breath control with it’s fast pace and the plans that comes in between. Here is my try anyway.

Movie: Bodyguard (Malayalam)
Music: Ouseppachan
Original singer: Ranjith
Covered by: Joseph Thomas (Jo)

Download “Arikathaayaro” (3.77 MB)

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Yamuna Veruthe from Ore Kadal

It has been a very long time (almost 2 months) since I have sung or recorded anything. The change in the climate did not go well with me and the sinusitis took this chance to attack me all over. I had no choice but to keep quiet. This week seemed to be better and I couldn’t wait any longer. πŸ™‚ Today after coming back from work, I recorded one of my favorite songs from the recent times – Yamuna Veruthe – again. Everything about this song is so beautiful – the lyrics, the music and the wonderful renditions by music director Ouseppachan himself and the Shreya Goshal of Malayalam, Swetha Mohan. πŸ™‚

I had posted an unplugged version of this song earlier. You can check it out at my music blog. Also thanks a lot to Rosh for sharing the karaoke track. This song is also my first music post in the new year. Hoping to get back to my song posts here onwards. πŸ™‚

Movie: Ore Kadal
Lyrics: Gireesh Puthenchery
Music: Ouseppachan
Original singer: Ouseppachan
Sung by: Joseph Thomas (Jo)
Requested by / Dedicated to: Rosh

Download the MP3 of this song

Yamuna Veruthe (with karaoke track) | Music Codes