Anoushka Shankar with Orpheus Orchestra

Anoushka Shankar performs with Orpheus Chamber Orchestra The Grammy® Award-winning Orpheus Chamber Orchestra announces the launch of Orpheus RAGA, a groundbreaking 12-part web series documenting the orchestra’s unique and creative process during the rehearsals for this Third Concerto for Sitar and Orchestra commissioned by Orpheus. Filmmakers Chris and Alex Browne filmed the series, dubbed the Raga Saga, which follows several members of the orchestra through the process of practicing, rehearsing, and performing in this unique collaboration. The episodes, will air daily beginning January 21 on and, and capture the artistry, skill, and drama which are inherently part of the Orpheus music-making process. The three to five minute segments may also be viewed collectively at

The first “webisode” of Raga Saga will debut on Wednesday, January 21 beginning at 8 a.m. and covers the first reading of Mr. Shankar’s new work with the orchestra and soloist. Subsequent webisodes, posted everyday at 8 a.m., will follow the orchestra from rehearsals in New York to performances in Chicago and New Jersey. The series concludes with a performance at Carnegie Hall on January 31, which will be posted on February 1.

Free registration at allows participants to access streaming audio of the following recordings courtesy of EMI Classics: Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons with Orpheus Chamber Orchestra featuring violinist Sarah Chang; Mozart Piano Concertos with Orpheus Chamber Orchestra with Jonathan Biss; Ravi Shankar’s Concerto No. 1 for sitar and orchestra with Shankar and London Symphony Orchestra; his Concerto No. 2 for sitar and orchestra by Shankar and London Philharmonic Orchestra; and a recital by Anoushka Shankar Live at Carnegie Hall.

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