Kangal Irandaal (cover)

Kangal Irandaal from Subramanyapuram

Kangal Irandaal from Subramanyapuram is one of the most beautiful songs I have heard in the recent times. I never get tired listening to this song over and over again because there is some kind of innocence and beauty about this song which I cannot really put in to words. And the singers have brought out very good emotions in the song. The karaoke track had Deepa Mirium’s vocals in it and I added just the male vocals part. Another duet version of this is coming up soon. (Thanks to Rosh for the track)

Song: Kangal Irandaal
Music: James Vasanthan
Original singers: Belly Raj, Deepa Mirium
Sung by: Jo (with the vocal track of Deepa Mirium)

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(Image courtesy: India Glitz)