The year of 3, and 3

2013 is the year of number 3 in my life. This month end will mark the 3rd year of my marriage and by end of the year my son will be 3. The bigger 3 of them all though, is today as I just turned 33 years old.

Personally, last year was the most unproductive year of my life ever since I got in to music blogging. I have lost interest in doing the karaoke songs and with the little one around, it has been tough to record anything without his ‘music’ accompanying. But I realized that doing karaokes is my only option to keep singing, so I might be getting back to it this year whenever I can. I have also taken some personal resolutions which I intend to stick on to in this year, just to test myself and see how strong I am as a person. As I struggle to keep on to some of it, I realize how fragile I am or how fragile we all, the humans, are. But I will do my best. There is no fun in giving up.

The white strands of hair that was spotted on my beard last year have found a few more friends this year. Pure white, not even grey. I know these guys are growing in numbers and soon will occupy the entire area. Increasing weight was a concern last year but I could bring it under control by the end of the year. Lost about 3 kilos and am happy about that. Small things, but it makes you happy to know that you are still the chief-in-charge of your body.

But what is it really about a birthday? It’s not really about looking back or forward (there are many other occasions in life that makes you do that). It’s not even about the numbers. It’s just another reason to celebrate, yet you don’t know what you are celebrating. The march so far or the march forward? I think it is the ‘marching’ in itself that we should be celebrating. That’s the pure beauty of life – living, right now. It ain’t worth stopping.

Enough of crap for this day. I will stop now.